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Our Treatments


See dramatic results when it comes to your skin's complexion with our full line of peel treatments. We offer a variety of peels to help each person achieve their skincare goal, whether that be reducing wrinkles or improving skin texture, we can do it. 



Leave your skin feeling younger, smoother, softer, and fully transformed after one of our amazing facial treatments like our European facial and even our refreshing wine facial.


In addition to all of our skincare solutions, we also offer waxing appointments! All of our waxing is done following strict sanitary procedures and the highest quality waxes available. 



Cavitation is a fantastic way to remove stubborn bodyfat in those pesky areas of your body! By utilizing non-invasive ultrasound technology, cavitation can break down fat cells.


Far Infrared Sauna 

These saunas are great tools for detoxification, relaxation and overall improved health. Far infrared saunas don't just heat the skin, it absorbs into the body to provide far deeper potential benefits.

Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around to different parts of the body to reduce swelling. 

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